SMS (Screw Module Small) are a cost effective alternative to linear tables and are offered in five different sizes. They utilize a wide linear guide for precise linear motion and also as carrier element. As drive medium ball screws with lead inaccuracies from 0,2/300 mm up to 0,005/300 mm are used. The load capacity ranges from 6500 N up to 45490 N.
Guides and screws of the SMS modules are protected by profile sheet metal and wipers. The guide of the module can be mounted either directly on the machine frame or with a base plate and clamps.
The travel (=stroke) is produced according to the customer's requirements. Besides the standard versions of mounting plates also custom-made solutions can be realized. 
Further adapters for any required drive can be produced.
This module type can be produced with one or two guide blocks.
module-type cad files total height width of the carrier profile dyn. load rating (N)
from to
SMS - 15 79 mm 58 mm 6500 10560
SMS - 20 94 mm 66 mm 13300 21605
SMS - 25 108 mm 79 mm 16200 26320
SMS - 30 120 mm 96 mm 22500 36550
SMS - 35 152 mm 119 mm 28000 45490
SMS-Modul  Katalog SMS Module