Z-lift modules are especially suitable as vertical axes. The driving pinion and tension rollers are mounted as a compact drive unit in compact axes-profiles in the sizes of 40, 60, 80-S,100 and 150.Thus the drive can be mounted fast, a linear guide that is strengthened by a SPT profile effects the stroke. 
A tooth belt is used as drive medium.
Traverse rates: up to 5 m/s.
The travel (=stroke) is produced according to the customer's requirements. Besides the standard versions of mounting plates also custom-made solutions can be realized. 
Further adapters for any required drive can be produced.
module-type cad files total height mounting profile width of the carrier profile max. operation traction (N)
ZL-40 91,5 mm SPT-P30-30-3N 40 mm 450 N
ZL-60 122 SPT-P30-30-3N 60 mm 1225 N
ZL-80 152 mm SPT-P40-40 80 mm 2550 N
ZL-100 188 mm SPT-P50-50 100 mm 5500 N
Z-Hub    Katalog Z-Hub Module